A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

in this game you will incarnate a little gemstone being that is, on their fantastic society of gems, a soldier.                                                                                                                  you will be given a group, two great friends that it will be your work to simpatize whit and the opinion of your character is only managed by you, you are, a pebble.

you will wander trough puzzles and enemies whit an action battle system that whit every update will get a little better. but, why don't you take a break?, between mision and mision you could go to buy a drink, visit the house of different gems each one whit its own life,  or talk to strangers. every room you get in hides a message, can you guess them all?.

(saddly, as the first version of the demo the houses of your friends are not avaliable and the city is a little incomplete as the fighting system that is being proved, but it will be all fixed till the next update that wont be for too long to see, anyway the story and gameplay will run smoothly and you wont find yourself in any type of bug. if you notice one, please, notify me, you would do me a favor)


UWUS [Alpha DEMO] WINDOWS.zip 116 MB
UWUS [Alpha DEMO] MAC.zip 659 MB

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